Ailee recently took to her Instagram to share a new pasta recipe she discovered, which led her to enjoy a delicious night snack.

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The caption shares the details of the recipe, and the video shows Ailee eating the dish in the most appetizing way.

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But one netizen was concerned about the aftermath of the night snack.

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The netizen commented, “The night snack will make you gain weight“, to which Ailee responded unapologetically.

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Ailee confidently replied, “Even if I gain weight, my happiness is all that matters!

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In the past, Ailee confessed that she once tried to go on a drastic diet, but that despite her progress, she was suffering in other ways.

I was so hungry, but I couldn’t eat anything. I was a singer, but I had to starve to be on stage, and that made me sad. My voice didn’t sound as good as when I was heavier, so I didn’t feel like I was giving my 100%.

— Ailee

As a result, Ailee decided to love her body for the way it is and always put her health first.

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No matter what anyone says.