Ailee and Zico, who recently returned from the third inter-Korean summit held in North Korea from September 18-20, shared their thoughts on their experiences.

In a statement released through her agency, Ailee, who performed “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow” from the “Goblin” OST at the banquet, said, “I’m thankful that many people clapped and cheered for me as I was singing. The audience was very kind, so I wasn’t too nervous while performing. If there’s an opportunity for us to be together again, I would like that.”

On her visit to Baekdu Mountain and the famous Cheonji crater lake, Ailee said, “Even as I was seeing it with my own two eyes, I couldn’t believe that I was there. It was so beautiful, and I’m happy I was able to see it.”

Zico was likewise floored by the scenery. He said, “Cheonji was so beautiful that I was just gaping. The view was so incredible it was hard to believe. Even photos have to be taken as panoramas; it’s so big you can’t see it from one angle, and you have to turn 360 degrees.”

Zico performed his song “Artist” at the banquet. “Because it’s hip-hop, a potentially unfamiliar genre, I was worried about the atmosphere. But everyone was cheering, and my concerns went out the window. Usually, I’ll say something like ‘Put your hands up’ in English, but that day I changed it to Korean, and both the North and South Korean attendees raised their hands.”

On Kim Jong Un’s reaction to his performance, Zico said that he was far and couldn’t see, but that overall, the atmosphere was very nice.

The singer also shared his experience watching the “mass games,” a large gymnastic and artistic performance held in the May Day Stadium, which seats 150,000. “It was of a scale that I’ve never before seen, and I was in awe the whole performance. The real thing was so much bigger than what was captured on camera. It’s hard to put into words what it was like.”

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