AKMU‘s Suhyun has recently been appearing in JTBC‘s Nice Alone where she shared her experience with moving out and living by herself.


One of the newest footages showed Suhyun tossing and turning in bed until 6 in the morning, which led Suhyun to open up about her insomnia.

It got a little better once I moved out on my own. But once I got used to it, it got even worse.

— Suhyun


According to Suhyun, there was a time when she didn’t sleep for two nights straight.


Suhyun even went on to confess that she’s been suffering from insomnia for a year.

I feel like I went to bed after the sun came up every single day.

— Suhyun


What gained particular sympathy was when Suhyun added that she’s tried everything from ASMR, reading aloud, and bathing, and that her source of comfort no longer exists now that she lives alone.

When I slept next to my mom at home, I had a habit of touching her knuckles to sleep. But there’s no one to touch now.

— Suhyun


While many on the panel sympathized with her insomnia, they also expressed worry for Suhyun’s well-being.


Watch the full clip below: