2PM’sHands Up“, CSJH The Grace Dana and Sunday’sLook at Me“, Jang Hye Jin’sAlways Drinking“, and others similar songs that mention or contain any references to ‘alcohol’ have been given a notice by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

According to this notice 2PM’s ‘Hands Up’, CSJH The Grace Dana and Sunday’s ‘Look at Me’, the song ‘Always Drinking’ by Jang Hye Jin during MBC’s ‘I am a Singer’, and others alike, were determined inappropriate to youth due to the mentioning of hazardous substances within the lyrics. In most cases, it was the mentioning of the alcohol that caused the problem.

The words alcohol, soju, makgeolli, and other alcoholic substances are clearly expressed within the songs ‘Always Drinking’ and ‘Look at Me’. And in 2PM’s song ‘Hands Up’, the lyrics “have another drink and start again”, also links back to alcohol. For these reasons, the mentioned songs were determined hazardous to the youth. Even in 10cm’s song ‘Americano‘, because the substance ‘cigarettes’ were expressed throughout the song, this song was also caught in the Youth Hazard standards.

This notification was sent by the Gender Equality Commission of Youth Protection on August 16, and new standards will have to be met starting on September 7. However, shortly after this decision was made, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, “Due to the controversy of this current situation, we will re-consider and try to arrange new measures for a more acceptable criteria”.

After implementing the new standard, if an artist and their representing agency were to make a formal appeal, exceptions can be granted.

Meanwhile, in the case of albums that contain songs notified by the Hazardous Youth Media, according to the Youth Protection Act those albums must be marked on the album cover “Inappropriate to Youth”, and cannot be sold to anyone under 19 years old. Failure to accept and follow these criteria, the manufacturer, distributor, and vendor may be subject to penalties and so forth. In addition, the songs marked as ‘inappropriate’ cannot be broadcasted before 10pm.