Alexander may still be under an open contract with NH Media, but his days as a member of U-KISS are definitely over. This, however, has not left him angry and as his official twitter shows, his strong spiritual connection is a driving force in his positivity. He even talks very openly about U-KISS in a positive way, as he puts it, it’s not a “taboo” topic.

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Today he posted a number of tweets that wished the group well on it’s third anniversary, their comeback, and he talked about how he thinks of his time in U-KISS with pride. To see someone react with positivity, despite what may or may not have happened, is inspiring for those who struggle with positivity. He even told his fans that U-KISS was not a taboo subject so they could mention it to him, so if you send him tweets and worry about what to say, now you know!

But has the departure of Alexander and Kibum always been this smooth?

On February 23rd of this year it was officially announced that U-KISS members Kibum and Alexander were leaving the group. Alexander was reported to have left for personal reasons and Kibum was reported to have left to focus on his Piro Piro character business with his older brother, Kim Hyung Joon from SS501, which seems to not have been the case. Kibum’s contract was fully terminated but Alexander would remain under an open contract with NH Media.

I am sure that some have wondered if there were hard feelings, especially by Kibum. It was revealed after his departure that he had sat down with the company about a member replacement. He had signed a ten year contract with NH Media but had only served three. On a episode of tvN’s morning show Brunch he revealed that although idols can be severely fined if they try and break a contract before it ends, the company itself faces no ramifications. He even talked about how the group had received no money from digital or physical album sales, and CF money was split between the company and the group, and then split again between the members. He was very forward and honest on this show and such revelations prompted the question of slave contracts. Though Kibum was very honest about his departure, he didn’t seem to harbor much hate.

Alexander seems to be content with his position and Kibum has moved on to being very involved with the company with his brothers. So no matter what bad things have happened, and the pain Kiss-Me’s felt with their departure, we can be happy knowing that both of them have found happiness.