The wait is finally over! Alexander, former U-KISS member and current singer tweeted the “bomb” he has been teasing fans with for weeks! For your information, he does not have a girlfriend and he is not getting married. What was the “bomb”? Read his tweets below to see if your guesses were right: 

“*BOOM!!♪* Gd mornoon everyone~ SOME of YOU hv already FOUND my BOMB~ Too smart…. I dun like smart ppl… LOL~ Juz kidding! :P…My BOMB for all of you this time is not a heart breaking one. I won’t make u guys sad again…^-^ Here I go: 1) I’m NOT getting marry. Duh~2) NO, I DON’T hv a girlfriend either^-^ Well, I said I’ve made my choice… and my choice is to continue serve my loyal fans who hv been…supporting me not only during my happy times, but especially during my hard times. NOW, TELL ME the ANSWER of my GAME everyone!!! RITE NOW~♥People say that an artist’s FANS are like the artist. You guys r juz as SMART as ME~ LOL! That’s RITE! U’ve got the BOMB in ur hands baby~Go ahead n input ur ANSWER ☞ http://www.[ _ _ _ _ⓐ_ _ⓔ_ _ _②_ ].com!! Xander is READY to serve y’all~♥^-^”

Was the news everything you expected and more?

For those of us that are still confused, here’s some clarification from our member movie_chick:

Xander signed with a new company called M+ Ent – is his new official website. On his website it states that he will be having his very first fan meeting in Hong Kong on August 6th. It also has information about the meeting writing in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. The fan meeting only costs $480 HK$/person, about $62 USD.

Credit: @alexander_0729