If you love the “hot pants” attire that many girl bands wear, you better not wear it around Alexander Eusebio! Unless, “you look good in it”.  What am I talking about?  Mini Shorts!  You know what I’m referring to… the shorts that are so short that they resemble panties rather than actual clothes.  Well, the former U-KISS member tweeted his disapproval with ladies’ choice of wardrobe of the summer.  Check out his tweets below: 

“So…. I was walking in the street n saw girls wearing REALLY short pants… soooo SHORT that I wonder why they even wear one… Short shorts aren’t that bad~ Some ppl look good in it~ But it looks horrible when it’s over-short, flipping up like an underwear~ “

I cannot say I don’t agree.  Shorts are shooting to a whole new level these days.  What do you think about this wardrobe malfunction?