Recording artist Alexander Eusebio is ready to make a big announcement in a matter of hours. What will the so called “bomb” be? All weekend, the former boy band member (of U-KISS) has been tweeting intriguing messages about a certain piece of news that he must tell his fans via Twitter. After days to weeks of anticipation, he finally revealed his very first clue! It is fill in the blank time.

Check out some his tweets to see if you can discover the bomb hours ahead of time!

“U guys r interested in my BOMB rather than ME… huh!!! .\_/. Hey hey… yes YOU… This is for YOU ☞ de1b LOL~ Now I feel like I’m JOKER of Batman… A psycho that makes everyone afraid of the BOMB~ LOL! (=v=;) Well… Let’s play a GAME then….. de1b [GAME start : _ _ _ _a_ _e_ _ _2_ ] Find the correct word, then I PROMISE u, u’ll FIND the BOMB. [FINAL 12hrs 25mins Countdown: Activated] Alrite everyone~♥Gdnite & Sweet Dreams★ RELAX, n play my GAME… Will check ya answers when TIME’s up~ n y’all hv ur BOMB ready… ZzZzzz :P”

What could it possibly be?

Credit: @alexander_0729