Alexander, formerly of U-KISS just celebrated his 23rd birthday and as he explained on his Twitter, he was busy preparing for a fan meet. He seemed quite nostalgic as he said it seemed to be a very quiet birthday as he was used to celebrating with a group of guys, i.e. U-KISS.

had sent him a tweet saying Happy Birthday to his delight and to the delight of the fans, but then a lot of fans seemed to notice something missing, only Dongho had said Happy Birthday. This fact was also noticed by Alexander who, after saying he hoped it was ok to mention U-Kiss, said, “Well! Gotta get used to it ~ at least one still remembered me…” (See article picture for his tweets.)

I don’t know about you but this makes me feel sad inside for Alexander. No matter what is going on behind the scenes, wishing a happy birthday doesn’t seem much of a stretch. Still, we cannot prove to know what happens behind the scene, but despite the reason, go to @alexander_0729 on twitter and although it’s already passed, if you haven’t already, wish him a happy birthday!