Ex-U-Kiss member Alexander is garnering attention by singing a song about Kimchi. “I Like Kimchi,” sung by Alexander, will be used as the main title song of Channel A’s new drama “Immortal Classic.” On “Immortal Classic,” Alexander plays the role of a young foreigner from Hong Kong, who falls in love with the taste of Seollungtang (Korean Ox Bone Stew) and Kimchi at “Third Generation Seollungtang” and decides to learn the secrets of the food. 

A source revealed that the production company of “Immortal Classic” wanted Alexander to sing the title song from the get-go. This source stated, “When we picked Alexander for this part, we naturally thought that his lively image and voice will be perfect for ‘I like Kimchi’ song.” 

Alexander commented, “When I was recording the song, the melody was so addictive that I just kept humming it without thinking. It is as if I really fell in love with Kimchi.” He plans on pursuing both acting and singing career with “Immortal Classic” and “I Like Kimchi.” He asked his fans and viewers to pay close attention to and show much love and support for both “Immortal Classic” and “I Like Kimchi.” 

Check out Alexander’s “I Like Kimchi” below!