Talented female vocalist Ali will be singing for the “Faith” OST.

Ali has shown exceptional talent, especially through the variety program, “Immortal Song” and has been acknowledged as a top performer. Ali will be lending her unique voice for the first title song in the drama OST.

The song is called “Carry On” and will contain Ali’s unique vocal colors and her explosive singing talent. A 24-member orchestra will accompany Ali’s singing to give a grand and powerful sound. The lyrics are beautifully written and are in sync with the context of the drama. An excerpt of the lyrics include, “From the moment I started to breathe, you became my heart. I want to dream with you and love you. I want to live my day in your precious arms. I love you. You are my destiny.” This particular part of the song was revealed at the end of the first episode, which aired on August 13 and has been garnering the attention of the viewers.

“Carry On” has been written and composed by Oh Joon Seok, who has written music for many hit dramas such as “Boys Over Flowers,” “City Hunter,” “Prosecutor Princess,” “My Girl,” “Witch Yoo Hee” and more. Oh Joon Seok is being called the “Hallyu Music Director,” and is even recognized overseas.

Since Oh Joon Seok has experience with past dramas that starred Lee Min Ho, who is the current lead for “Faith,” it is said that he made time to participate in the OST despite his busy schedule.

The OST production team stated, “Ali not only has explosive singing skills but she has a unique voice that rings and moves through hearts. We hope that the heartfelt lyrics and melody will raise the level of ‘Faith.’”