American producer BruceAutomaticVanderveer recently praised Xia Junsu (JYJ) as an artist, comparing him to Michael Jackson. On August 22, he tweeted, “Junsu reminds me of Michael Jackson. Incredible natural ability like Michael had. I worked with Michael when I was younger!” He’s also tweeted back and forth with his followers about Junsu, constantly praising the K-Pop star.

Some of his tweets included, “Junsu is an incredible actor as well. He was staying true to the character in the video,” “Junsu is a great person. Very down to earth. A gentleman,” “His singing and dancing! Junsu is a natural, better than most artists. His movements remind me of Michael too.” “Junsu’s voice is really outstanding,” “Junsu is really great to his fans,” and more. The producer also has his profile photo set to one of himself with Junsu.

Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer has produced songs for American pop stars like Christina Aguilera, TheWanted, Leona Lewis, and more. Most recently, he worked with Junsu for his new English single “Uncommitted.”

Meanwhile, Junsu will wrap up his Asian tour with a concert in Hong Kong this weekend and begin his world tour with a concert in New York. on August 30