Over the past few days I have had multiple people tell me they have found the perfect videos on how to easily emulate the looks of Big Bang’s Taeyang and T.O.P. I am not a fashion guru so I didn’t want to look but they told me it was something I couldn’t miss.

Introducing the very original “How to look” videos of MrDTTV. No, these are not your regular run of the mill serious fashion videos, instead these videos take the strong stereotypes and amplify them into comedy. So, if you want to find out how to look like these two famous stars, and even learn how to dance like TOP, check the videos out below!

It’s not easy to make a satire video that avoids making fun of someone but they have pulled it off remarkably well. You can tell they are TOP and Taeyang fans and they certainly pull off an awesome TOP dance! So, go get your brand new white t-shirt, never worn, skinny pants, and I am going to do the shaking finger dance and draw abs on myself.

Source: MrDTTV on Youtube