Angelina Jolie and her son Maddox stopped by the Yonsei University campus in Songdo to check-in for his school semester.

angelina jolie maddox yonsei 1

After spending some leisurely time in Seoul with her son, she visited the campus to get an in-depth tour of the campus, the college life, and staff.

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She was seen being guided by a group of senior staff and a translator as they roamed the buildings.

Many onlookers noticed that she was very comfortable during the tour and seemed to enjoy the campus.

After their tour, Angelina and Maddox took time out of their schedule to actually meet the other students on campus.

angelina jolie yonsei 2019

Many students claimed that she was very down-to-Earth and kind as she personally reached out to find out more about the university and its students.

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Angelina was rest reassured that Maddox will be enjoying some of the most competitive education paired with vibrant college life!

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