Animal Crossing is as big now as it was when it first released. While some people play for fun, others work hard to create God-tier islands. Regardless of your style of play, what everyone has in common is their love of dressing their character up! Thanks to some talented K-Pop fans who also love Animal Crossing, we can all dress our characters up in K-Pop themed outfits.

1. TWICE-inspired outfits made by Gisli UwU

Source: Gislilo/Reddit

Source: Gislilo/Reddit

Source: Gislilo/Reddit

2. BTS-inspired outfits made by mementos-of-mori

3. Red Velvet Joy’s “Psycho” Look made by blris-crossing

4. BTS J-Hope’s “DNA” look made by moyashi-crossing

5. B.A.P-inspired outfit made by hyuckbucket

There are so many more cool K-Pop-inspired outfits on the Internet. We are seriously in awe of how talented everyone is!