Announcer Jun Hyun Moo transformed into a girl with a beard.

On her Me2day on the afternoon of October 31, Oh Cho Hee released a photo along with a message, “This week’s SNL Korea’s guest is an incredibly beautiful Miss Hyun Moo. She is just too pretty, I am jealous.”

In the picture are Jun Hyun Moo and Oh Cho Hee looking cozy and gazing towards the camera. With his unshaven beard and long-haired wig, Jun Hyun Moo looks ridiculous especially compared to Oh Cho Hee’s beautiful face.

What makes this picture even more hilarious is the fact that Jun Hyun Moo has a womanly and elegant expression on his face.

Netizens who saw this picture praised, “Jun Hyun Moo and Oh Cho Hee have the same eyes; they look like sisters”, “So Jun Hyun Moo is finally appearing on SNL ” and “Bearded girl Jun Hyun Moo.”

Meanwhile, Jun Hyun Moo will be playing a role of a pervert on the cable tvN’s “SNL Korea,” which will be aired on November 3.