It’s time to announce the finalists of our exclusive 2PM “Hands Up” photo and video contest!  With hundreds of absolutely terrific entries from all around the world, you guys really outdid yourselves in celebrating the comeback of the six “hottest” boys in K-Pop.  We wanted to show our appreciation by giving the participants a very, very special surprise — 2PM themselves sat down and went through all the photos and videos!  That’s right.  Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Junsu, Junho, and Chansung got to see YOU express your love for them! 

Honestly, there were so many excellent entries that it was extremely, extremely difficult to narrow them down, but it had to be done, and the finalists we selected submitted some really excellent photos and videos!  Watch this video to see who they are!


The video finalists are:

kaotsun (Australia)
schoolRumbleYAB (Romania)
mintop (USA)
milxhake (Chile)
TaecChelle (USA)
LeonaHorvejkul (Vietnam)
hearts_and_arrows (USA)
nooFantaisy (France)
NennitaStyle (Spain)
movie_chick (USA)
-Elena- (Italy)
vaniglia (Philippines)
xanokitah (Portugal)
tsundering (USA)
_doschh (Australia)
Liliane2PMLove (Switzerland)
xiaoness (USA)
BboyHappyKid (Australia)
ellaellaine (Ireland)
tushe0511 (Italy)

The photo finalists are:

pingpangyoyo (UK)
miri.jang (Vietnam)
unknownnn (Latvia)
the_psycho (Peru)
Jang_Shin (Vietnam)
rinaKeiko (Malaysia)
2PM_OkCat_Love (UK)
ShiningStar93 (USA)
krpop08 (USA)
Hokuto (Brazil)
GHP1794 (USA)
sugarplum892 (USA)
Lily_2PM (Mexico)
Cha_9 (Singapore)
yamakasigirl95 (Myanmar)
JOANNAxKATO (Singapore)
anayXD (USA)
yaenchi (Hungary)
shokomaki (Germany)
sensitivityx (USA)
A-xan (Spain)
Joanne2pm (USA)
smilethroughitall (Australia)

Which entry is your favorite?  Congratulations to the finalists, and a big, huge thank you to all the wonderful participants who made 2PM smile and feel loved!  Come back tomorrow, when we will be announcing the winners!