Rock Band Galaxy Express’s vocalist and guitarist Park Jong Hyun is being questioned by the prosecution’s office regarding the usage of marijuana.  Galaxy Express’s leader and vocalist Lee Joo Hyun had previously been charged with possession, production and usage of marijuana. 

On July 9, the Seoul Central Supreme Prosecutor’s Office (Chief Prosecutor Yoon Jae Pil) issued an order for Park Jong Hyun to appear for questioning for the usage of marijuana. The Prosecution has stated that they have secured a witness testimony which claim that Park Jung Hyun has used marijuana on multiple occasions. The prosecution had previously ordered Park Jong Hyun to appear for questioning on the July 8, but this date was adjusted due to an extension request from Park Jong Hyun. 

Galaxy Express was also due to appear on the finals for Mnet’s survival program “Band Generation.” However, that will now be cancelled with program officials stating that “Due to the fact that a team set to appear is under investigation by the prosecutor’s office, the finals of “Band Generation” that was due to air at 11PM will now be put off” and that they will now fill that time slot by putting together a “best of the best” recap of previous bands from the show.

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