American actor Ansel Elgort is best known for his role as Caleb Prior in “The Divergent” Series, Augustus Waters in “The Fault In Our Stars”, and more. But he may just become best known as a famous ARMY!

ansel elgort bts friends

Ansel Elgort proved this by changing his Twitter profile picture to that of BTS‘s V.

ansel elgort bts v profile

He used a photo of V looking into his phone with one of his signature expressions, a photo often used by fans as memes.

bts v ansel elgort

It appears Ansel is going on a spree putting his best mates’ pictures as his profile picture. He’s also been trading selfies with Shawn Mendes, claiming it’s him!

It’s not a surprise that Ansel Elgort is a celeb-ARMY. He’s met BTS multiple times since their first encounter at the Billboard Music Awards 2017.

bts ansel elgort billboards

He’s been with BTS ever since then, often embodying the ultimate fanboy at their performances.

Not to mention, they meet up whenever they can. Ansel, RM and V met up when Ansel visited Seoul to promote his new movie “Baby Driver”.

This may be one of the cutest Hollywood-K-Pop friendships to ever set sail!

bts v ansel elgort