Local media agencies report that one of Korea’s hottest stars of the moment, Suzy, has appeared as a guest on “Healing Camp“!

It has been reported that miss A’s Suzy recorded her “Healing Camp” appearance on July 3.

During the “Healing Camp 100th Episode Celebration” press conference that was held on July 10, MC Lee Kyung Gyu revealed that Suzy had recently appeared on the show as a guest.

He gave a short comment, “Suzy came to us last week. It was a fun filming session,” which heightened the anticipation for the show.

With her rapid ascension into super-stardom, the numerous rumors that follow her around and especially the recent sexual harassment case, viewers are counting down the days until Suzy’s “Healing Camp” appearance to see if she will speak about those topics.

Suzy’s appearance will be part of the 101th episode of the show and will air on July 22.