More than 2,000 Japanese people staged an anti-Hallyu protest in Tokyo on August 7th, local media reported today. According to Yonhap News Agency, the protesters congregated in front of Fuji TV’s headquarters in Odaiba, yelling, “Stop the Hallyu,” “Give up your broadcasting rights,” and “We’re here to save Fuji TV from the hands of Hallyu.”


During the one-hour protest, people sang together Japan’s national anthem, waved the Japanese flag, and even chanted, “Long live the Emperor,” indicating some right-wing conservative force might have organized the event. Another protest is scheduled to take place on August 21st.

Anti-Hallyu sentiment has been growing in Japan recently. Japanese actor Sousuke Takaoka lost his agency contract following anti-Hallyu comments he made online, which has sparked underground anti-Hallyu supporters to organize Sunday’s event. Fuji TV, one of the largest Japanese TV channels, has long been considered Hallyu-friendly for showing the most number of Korean TV programs.