AOA recently participated in a photo spread and interview with Marie Claire where they looked back on their time together and shared their happiest moments.

The girl group will be celebrating their sixth anniversary in July and when asked how they felt about entering their seventh year as a group, they all shared the sentiments that they couldn’t believe it’s already been so long. Hyejeong said, “Yesterday, I found an old laptop that had a lot of our old videos in it, and there were so many funny clips of us. Watching all of those videos, which dated back to when we were trainees, made me think, ‘We’ve worked really hard.’” Mina added, “Not having work makes us feel nervous, so we prefer to be really busy. Although it can be tiring, we just do our best.”

With how long they’ve been together, the members of AOA must have shared many happy moments. They were asked to pick their happiest moments and Mina replied, “I’m reminded of our time living in the dorms. We used to make food for all of us to share,” while Seolhyun said, “I’ve been happy while preparing for our upcoming album. I feel physically tired because the choreography is so difficult, but I think we’re bonding even more through the experience.” Chanmi said, “I liked when we all went on a trip together. It was for a program, but looking back, that was the most fun we’ve had.”

AOA is gearing up for a comeback on May 28 with their fifth mini album “Bingle Bangle.” The title track of the same name will be a song that incorporate’s AOA’s signature bright energy and is perfect for the summer. Their full photo spread and interview are available in the June issue of Marie Claire.

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