On the June 24 episode of MBC Every1′s variety show “Weekly Idol,” AOA appeared as guests. During one segment in particular, the viewers ask AOA questions that they have.

Since AOA is known for their thin figures, there were many questions regarding this subject. To answer the questions, the members began to measure each other’s waists.

aoa 1

Jimin, who is known for her mannequin-like body, measured a 19.5 inch waist with some help from her bandmates. Afterwards, Mina gives it a go, and with much pushing and pulling, she records an unbelievable 17.9 inches, surprising everyone.

With this, not only did Mina establish herself as the member with the thinnest waist, but she even beat KARA Goo Hara‘s record of 19 inches.

Meanwhile, AOA recently released “Heart Attack” to join the rush of summer comebacks.

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