AOA’s Mina officially has the waist of ant.

Today, FNC Entertainment released a picture of Mina, who is not only preparing AOA Black’s comeback but also acting in KBS drama special, “Adolescence Medley.”

Mina is wearing a light blue shirt that is casually tied above her waist, showing off her perfect figure. No filter seems to be required for her thin waist and legs to shine in the picture.

Netizens have responded: “Mina, your ant waist is daebak!” “Thought you were an anime character,” “Totally anticipating AOA’s comeback now,” “Definitely had my eye on you in ‘Adolescence Medley.’”

In the meantime, AOA Black will be wrapping up their showcase in Japan on July 23, and they will be back on their comeback stage for “MOYA” in Korea starting July 26.

aoa mina ant waist