AOA‘s Choa and Chanmi cleared up bullying rumors surrounding their group on a recent airing of “Yaman TV.

On the show, Chanmi starts talking about how she tends to take care of the older members despite being the youngest in the group.

Choa chimes in and says, “She does take care of us, but she has a strong personality in general. I want to clear this up while being on camera.”

Choa goes on to explain, “I think (Chanmi) couldn’t control her facial expressions [while being on camera]. If I search up my name, the related search is, ‘Chanmi Choa bullying.’ But it’s nothing like that– Chanmi is just blunt. She had a very hard time because of this.”

chanmi choa

After listening, Chanmi says, “There was a time where I had to sing Jimin‘s parts on a radio show because she couldn’t be with us that day. After I was done singing my part, I was looking anxiously at the other members. I was looking at Choa because it was her part. I ended up making a mistake, but rumors spread that I was glaring at Choa when I did so.”

Meanwhile, this show also starred After School’s Raina, Secret‘s Jieun and Hana, KARA‘s Youngji, Hello VenusYeoreum and Lime, and Lovelyz Mijoo and Yein.

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