AOA member Chanmi has personally reassured fans after rumors spread that she’ll be participating in the Mnet competition show “Produce 48.”

On April 11, Chanmi uploaded a video to Instagram from the set of what seems to be a show. She added a postscript in the caption that appears to address recent rumors that she’s taking part in “Produce 48.” Chanmi’s name was included on a rumored list of participants in “Produce 48” that was spread online, and even after the initial recordings for the show on April 11, the rumors about her taking part have not waned.

Chanmi wrote, “I have so many things to prepare just for AOA’s activities alone, and there’s so many things that I want to do with AOA, so I think that currently and in the future as well I’ll be focusing on my activities with AOA. I’m saying this because the fans seem to be worrying too much lately, and although you would have found out naturally later, I didn’t want you to be worried. Still, I’m so grateful for your comments and messages where you said that you believe in me and that you’d support me no matter what choice I make. We’re working hard so that we can quickly see you all soon, so please support AOA when we make a comeback.”

A source from FNC Entertainment has also stated to news outlet OSEN, “The AOA members are not appearing on ‘Produce 48.’”

“Produce 48” is planning to premiere in June, and a teaser for the show was recently released.

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