It seems like the infamous meme of Samuel L. Jackson in a wig in the same hairstyle as AOA‘s Jimin continues to come back to haunt her.

On June 24, AOA appeared on cable channel MBC Every1‘s variety show “Weekly Idol.”

On the show, MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defcon say to Jimin, “You are a Samuel L. Jackson lookalike. You’re on the related search terms for ‘Avengers.” Jimin reacts with annoyance and frustration, especially since she explicitly requested that people lay off on the meme on a “4 Things Show” broadcast last month.

jimin 2

Jimin is flustered for a moment when the MCs joke, “Please invite us to the preview. When is the next movie coming out?” But Jimin barely misses a beat and wittily replies, “I’m not allowed to give you any spoilers.”

Meanwhile, AOA recently released and is promoting their new song “Heart Attack.”

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