AOA’s Seolhyun, in anticipation of her upcoming film “The Great Battle,” released a clip of her horseback riding.

On October 19, Seolhyun posted the video to her Instagram. In the clip, a focused Seolhyun is shown practicing horseback riding. Dressed in all black, she appeared to have a good handle while riding. The clip showcases a charismatic side which contrasts her usual cute image. Her hard work was evident as she was able to remain calm even after the horse picked up speed. A cute dog was seen running along her side.

It was previously reported that Seolhyun had started practicing horseback riding as soon as she was casted to play the role of Baek Ha.

Fans responded positively to the clip saying, “What can’t she do. It’s evident she worked so hard for the role.” “I definitely have to watch the movie now that she is in it.” “She rides so well. She must have worked so hard to ride like that – so proud.”

Watch the clip below!

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