AOA’s Seolhyun graced the front cover of Allure Korea’s October Issue, and opened up in an interview.

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She discussed AOA’s approach to the show that they’re currently participating in, Queendom. The show features several girl groups competing head to head in a “comeback competition”, and Seolhyun said that she’s grateful for the opportunity to show different sides of AOA. 

There are a lot of sides to AOA that we haven’t yet been able to show [the public],” she said. “We thought, let’s use this opportunity to show a new side of the group. We decided to think of [‘Queendom’] as an opportunity for the five of us to grow and evolve as we practice together again. —Seolhyun


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Seolhyun also opened up about her new drama, the new JTBC historical drama “My Country”:

There was a certain amount of pressure that came with doing another period piece, but I chose the drama based solely on the story and the character.” Describing her character Han Hee Jae as a young woman “who is clever and shrewd,” she added, “[‘My Country’] is a story about various people who each have their own dreams about their country.  —Seolhyun


The drama, set between the end of the Goryeo Dynasty and the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty, consists of storylines interlinking the many arising conflicts in the pursuit of power and protection.

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Lastly, Seolhyun expressed her gratitude for the little things in life:


I think that one way to improve your quality of life is to be satisfied and feel happy with where you are.