AOMG will be taking on a new venture!

On May 10, a source from AOMG announced to media outlets, “We signed an exclusive management contract with UFC [Ultimate Fighting Championship] athlete Jung Chan Sung on May 8.” Previously, AOMG also revealed a special video featuring the athlete, with music produced by DJ Wegun and performed by Jay Park and Ugly Duck.

Jung Chan Sung, known as the “Korean Zombie,” is a mixed martial arts fighter who is currently competition in the UFC. As stated by AOMG, he is “renowned for being the first Asian fighter to contend for the UFC championship title.”

AOMG will be in charge of performance-enhancing management, and revenue-making businesses such as merchandising and broadcasts. This notably marks AOMG’s first step into sportainment (sports entertainment).

Jung Chan Sung commented, “I am happy and very excited to join a new agency, AOMG. I made this decision because I believed that my personality matched AOMG’s.”

Check out AOMG’s special video for the fighter below!

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