On a recent episode of SBS‘s My Fanta House, Apink‘s Bomi opened up about why she now prefers earthen houses made of red clay.


Bomi and Chorong were looking for a new house to live in with fellow members next year, but Bomi had a very special preference, which was all-natural earthen houses.



And the reason was unexpected, to say the least.


Bomi confessed that before Apink’s activities for Only One, she lost 8 to 9 kilograms (18 to 20 pounds), and that caused her immune system to suffer, ultimately leading to skin atopy.



And she detailed just how terrible it was

It didn’t hurt. It felt like ants were crawling all over inside my body. So I slept with my hands tied with stockings so that I couldn’t scratch. But when I woke up, the stockings were loose, and I had blood everywhere.

— Bomi


She tried all sorts of remedies such as herbal medicine vitamins, and steroids.


But in the end, she realized that natural healing was best.

I’ve been looking into red clay houses ever since. I even wear red clay underwear, and I became obsessed with my health.

— Bomi


Check out the full clip below: