Apink‘s Eunji recently revealed her fit body, along with the steps she takes to achieve her physique, to viewers on her YouTube channel, EUNJI.

| @artist_eunji/Instagram

However, when showing her “body goals” figure, she revealed she’s actually on a quest to lose weight!

| @artist_eunji/Instagram

Aside from genetics, her hourglass physique can be attributed to her dedication to health and fitness.

Her goal is to lose more fat, but many fans think she is perfect the way she is!

To maintain her healthy and fit body, she does weight training with a personal trainer and trains various muscle groups. She doesn’t shy away from upper body gym sessions…

…and gives it her all for lower body sessions.

She also incorporates stretching as a warmup or cool down for her workouts…

…as well as cardio, like the StairMaster.

The most important part is to eat healthy to fuel her body to reach her fitness goals!

Check out her full diet vlog for more fitness inspiration below.