Apink’s agency, Plan A Entertainment, promised that they will be taking legal action against malicious commenters, especially given recent events.

They revealed, “As there have been unfounded comments of sexual harassment, false rumors, and defamation against our artists that crossed the boundaries, we will respond strongly. There will be no leniency.”

They added, “The lawsuit against these malicious rumors is already in progress. We have already gathered all of the documents that are necessary for this case to proceed and we will be taking strong legal action to prevent any similar incidents from happening in the future.”

Meanwhile, Plan A Entertainment has issued a warning to malicious commenters previously; however, since the awful comments did not abate, they have decided to pursue legal action.

This comes shortly after Apink member Son Naeun’s younger sister became the target of inappropriate and malicious comments, which the star spoke out against on her personal Instagram account.

We hope Plan A Entertainment can get to the bottom of this case soon.

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