JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Untouchable” has released new stills of Apink member and actress Jung Eun Ji.

The new stills show Seo Yi Ra (Jung Eun Ji) with her hair tied back and dressed in a prosecutor gown in the courtroom. She has a defiant look on her face that suggests she will find out the truth no matter what.

This will be the first time viewers get to see Seo Yi Ra officially in the courtroom. Since this is Jung Eun Ji’s first time portraying a drama character with a professional role, she is reportedly putting a lot of effort into her role by reading out loud difficult legal terminology between takes and looking up reference resources to be well prepared for her scenes.

A source from the drama said, “Jung Eun Ji is getting prepared for her character Seo Yi Ra’s scene in the courtroom, so please look forward to watching her passionate acting in ‘Untouchable.’”

Last week on “Untouchable,” brothers Jang Joon Seo (Jin Goo) and Jang Ki Seo (Kim Sung Kyun) began their tense face-off for control over the family’s secrets with Jang Beom Ho (Park Geun Hyung) trying to secretly control them. On top of all of this, Goo Ja Kyung (Go Jun Hee) and her dad Goo Yong Chan (Choi Jong Won) are further raising tensions in the drama by pressuring Joon Ki Seo.

“Untouchable” airs on Fridays and Saturdays at 11 p.m. KST. Start watching the drama from the beginning now!

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