TWICE has ranked first place for this month’s girl group brand reputation ranking!

The Korea Business Research Institute recently did a brand analysis, taking data from March 6 to April 7, and looked at different indexes such as media, communication, and community. Based on their analysis, TWICE was able to maintain the No. 1 spot for April in terms of girl group brand reputation rankings.

TWICE ranked first with a total brand reputation score of 4,890,216, which is a 48.63 percent drop from their March brand reputation score of 9,519,793.

PRISTIN was able to take second place with a total brand reputation score of 3,744,732. The group has been receiving much attention since their recent debut.

Girl’s Day rounded out the top three with a total brand reputation score of 3,442,718, which is a 401.82 percent increase from their previous March brand reputation score of 686,053. This is most likely due to their recent comeback.

A source from the Korea Business Research Institute stated, “TWICE is ranked first in the girl group brand reputation analysis results for April 2017, but the brand reputation index has dropped sharply.”

Check out the full list below:

  1. TWICE
  3. Girl’s Day
  4. Red Velvet
  6. Apink
  7. Lovelyz
  8. Rainbow
  10. Girls’ Generation
  11. Stellar
  12. T-ara
  13. Cosmic Girls
  14. Oh My Girl
  16. AOA
  17. WANNA.B
  18. EXID
  19. APRIL

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