While K-Pop fans are known for the amount of money they spend to support their favourite groups, there are 3 particular fandoms that blow everyone else out of the water. According to a research done by iPrice, these 3 fandoms spend the most money on goods, merchandise and concert tickets.

| @bighit_merch/Twitter

3. BLACKPINK’s Blinks

Blinks stop at nothing to show their love and appreciation to their four favorite girls – and that includes the amount of money they spend. Each Blink spends an average of $665 on the group! Although this number is lower than the other two fandoms featured, it’s important to remember that BLACKPINK is a much younger group, with less merch to spend money on. The fact that they made it to third place on the list is an impressive feat.

| @BLACKPINK/Twitter

2. TWICE’s Onces

Onces spend an additional $200 on the group, averaging at $842 each. While TWICE’s merch is usually cheaper than BLACKPINK’s, the additional money may be going towards buying albums, as it would cost $205 to collect them all.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

1. BTS’ Army

This probably comes as no surprise: BTS’ Army are the highest spenders, averaging at $1422 each. To put things into perspective, that’s only about $30 shy from the cost of the most expensive iPhone, which retails at $1450.

| BTS_twt/Twitter

How much do you think you’ve spent on your favorite group? Does it compare to these numbers?