A group of BTS‘s Jimin fans, have recently sent protest trucks to the building that houses BigHit Entertainment in order to protest for better treatment and management of the star.


According to the fan union that sent the truck, the company has been mismanaging him and preventing his star from rising. The fans also accuse the company of not doing enough to protect the idol from malicious comments and rumors.

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The truck will be stationed there from 10 – 6pm KST. The truck declares that “global fans of BTS’s Jimin love his unlimited talent and charms, and wants to see a variety of activities for him.

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It also declares that “BigHit should stop its repression of BTS’s Jimin and not hide his good results.

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It demands the company to sue those that spread rumors and write malicious posts…

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…as well as to protect his human rights and good name.

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Lastly, they request for the company to take active measures in planning various individual activities for him, befitting of his outstanding talents.

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BigHit Entertainment has yet to respond to the protest truck.