BTS‘s V is known as an IRL Gucci Prince, sporting numerous Gucci products from shoes to sweaters.

gucci v

Using his teasers for “Blood Sweat & Tears,” fans edited it ever so slightly and added the Gucci logo and viola, he 100% passes off as a Gucci model!

gucci v1

gucci v2 gucci v3

Fans are even saying that GIFs from his teasers for “Blood Sweat & Tears” could easily pass off as a Gucci ad.


Fans even think the Bangtan Bomb’s can pass off as behind the scenes clips of him filming his Gucci ad!


Fans are hoping that V will end up being chosen as a Gucci ambassador. With his handsome face and exquisite style (and of course, his love for all things Gucci), people can easily see him posing for the brand.

He is human Gucci.

– Korean Netizen