Recently, numerous ARMYs looked back at old outfits of BTS and noticed that the oldest members always seems to stand out. While the other members seem to have similar colors and outfits, Jin always breaks the status quo and wears something different.

For exmaple, BTS in this photo below is seen at the airport, heading to Hong Kong for Mnet Asian Music Awards 2016 (MAMA). All the members are wearing black coats, except for Jin, who stands out in a pink coat!

jin outfits

It happened again when BTS was on the way to Music Bank, during their promotions for “DNA”. The boys of BTS can be seen in black and white, except for Jin who chose to rock pink once again.

jin outfits1

And when BTS’s maknae Jungkook graduated from high school? The boys all wore black coats as they supported Jungkook, except for Jin who wore white.

jin outfits2

Even his stage outfit differs from the other boys sometimes! While they were promoting “FAKE LOVE”, the boys were all seen in pink, black, and white. Jin, however, can be seen wearing blue!

jin outfits3

When the boys participated in the Seo Taijin 25th anniversary concert, all the other boys of BTS can be seen in hip-hop inspired outfits. All except Jin, who rocks a yellow suit and leather shoes.

jin outfits4

And for BTS’s Summer Package 2018, all the boys can be seen wearing white shirts, while Jin is seen in a blue checkered shirt! Just to make him stand out more, he is even in the middle of the photo!

jin outfits5

And perhaps the most extreme case of all: Jin is the only one wearing head-to-toe tradition Korean hanbok to the airport. They were heading to the 2017 Mnt Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hong Kong, and Jin definitely stands out from his members, who all dawned casual outfits.

jin outfits6

Fans find it hilarious how Jin always manages to stand out with his fashion choices, joking that though he is the only one who wears a certain color or style, he is handsome so it doesn’t matter.

Jin’s probably thinking “I’m lonely but I’m so handsome.”

– Korean Netizen