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Kim Tae-won
Date of birth : April 12th, 1965
Position : Guitar

Chae Je-min
Date of birth : March 6th, 1969
Position : Drums

Um Soo-han
Date of birth : November 20th, 1968
Position : Keyboard

Suh Jae-hyuk
Date of birth : January 17th, 1975
Position : Bass

Jeong Dong-ha
Date of birth : April 17th, 1980
Position : Vocal

For featured artist for this week, we have legendary rock band Boo Hwal. They celebrated their 25th anniversary this year. Although many member changes have occurred in the past 2 decades, the band Boohwal has kept its solid position in the local pop music world. Boohwal made their debut in 1985 with the song “Heeya.”  It was around that time period when the heavy-metal music genre in Korea started to grow. Many bands that pursue British heavy-metal music actively performed in the Jongro area located in central Seoul.

Among the heavy-metal bands were Boohwal who received the biggest attention. Since its opening, the Pagoda Theater in Jongro had it’s largest audience when Boohwal held its concert there. The band’s first vocalist was Kim Jong-seo. Lee Seung-cheol joined the band a year later in 1986. Since Lee joined the band, Boohwal began to establish a stronger foundation for their music style. Songs like “Heeya” and “The Story of You and Rain” sung by Lee Seung-cheol were sensationally popular.

After Lee Seung-cheol left the band, Kim Jae-ki joined Boohwal as a new singer. However, Kim Jae-ki died suddenly from a car accident at the young age of 26. Kim Jae-hee, the younger brother of Kim Jae-ki joined the band in 1994 and the song “As I Love You More” recorded a great hit. With the popularity of the song, 800 thousand copies of Boohwal’s 3rd album were sold. Kim Jae-hee stayed with Boohwal until the band released its 4th album in 1995.

After Kim Jae-hee left the band, Park Wan-kyu who had been actively performing on stages within the 8th U.S. military base in Korea joined the band. Park Wan-kyu gave a refreshing change to the band’s music through the upbeat dance rock number “Lonely Night.” Park’s cool and refreshing voice appealed to many pop music lovers enabling the band to enjoy its second heyday. Since then, the band rested for 2 years without releasing an album.

Kim Ki-yeon as the lead vocal and Chae Je-min as the drummer, Boohwal released its 6th album introducing a style of rock music that is unique to Korea. In 2002, the band met with Lee Seung-cheol once again. “Never Ending Story,” the title song of Boohwal’s 8th album featuring Lee Seung-cheol as the main vocalist, became one of their biggest hit. Despite depression in the record market, more than 370 thousand copies of the album were sold.

Just as the name of the band “Boohwal” means, the band was ‘born again’ in the local pop music world with its 8th album. In 2005, the band celebrated its 20th anniversary.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary this year, first they released the special album Boohwal – Song Book : 25 Anniversary. The album consist their popular songs been covered by other singers such as SG Wannabe, Park Sang Min, Xing, and ST. Child. It was released early this year. The album become hot selling item and already out of stock.

This August 2009, they released the 12th album Part I – 25th Anniversary: Retrospect. This is just the first part of the anniversary album. The mini album have three new song and three old songs. The latest band lineup have been the longest so far since 2005. They consist of guitarist and leader Kim Tae Won, vocalist Jung Dong Ha, bassist Seo Jae Hyuk, drummer Chae Jer Min and keyboardist Eum Soo Han.

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* Heeya (1st album, 1986) : Heeya, The Story of You and Rain, I Only Have You

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* Remember (2nd album, 1987) : Recollection I, Recollection II, Recollection III

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* The Best of Boo Hwal

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* Loss of Memory (3rd album, 1993) : Rain Shower, A Black and White Movie, Loss Of Memory

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* Lee Seung Chul & Boo Hwal Joint Concert Part 1

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* Lee Seung Chul & Boo Hwal Joint Concert Part 2

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* About the Idle Thoughts (4th album, 1995) : On the Day that Memories Call, About the Idle Thoughts, Yearning that Comes and Goes

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* Best of

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* The Discover of Fire (5th album, 1997) : Lonely Night, A Sad Hope, 21C Depression

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* Strange Line of Sight (6th album, 1999) : Possibility, To You, Streets

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* Color (7th album, 2000) : Good-bye, Sad Deer

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* Dawn with Lee Seung-cheol (8th album, 2002) : Dawn, Never Ending Story, The Story of You and Rain

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* Over the Rainbow (9th album, 2003) : Promenade, A Beautiful Fact, Wings

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* Emotions (10th album, 2005) : The Other Side of Memories, A Prayer to Overcome Sorrow

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* Love (11th album, 2006) : A-men Song, Time II, Love, Close Your Eyes, Summer of 1971, A Side Effect, IF, Purity, Butterfly

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* Part I – 25th Anniversary : Retrospect (12th album, 2009-08-21)

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