Name : Ahn Jung Yeop
Blood type : Type O
Height : 173cm
Weight : 62kg
Favorite fashion style : Jeans
Favorite musicians : Too many to list, but Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Prince
Hobbies : Collecting stamps
Favorite color : Blue

Name : Na Ul
Blood type : Type A
Height : 173cm
Weight : 65kg
Favorite fashion style : Military look
Favorite musicians : Burt Bacharach, Marvin Gaye
Favorite music genre : 70’s soul, funk
Hobbies : Collecting music CDs, watching movies
Talent : Drawing
Education : MA in art studies, Dankook U.
Favorite color : Lavender

Name : Koh Young Joon
Blood Type : Type O
Height : 186cm
Weight : 90kg
Favorite fashion style : Hip-hop style
Favorite musicians : Baby Face, Luther Vandross, Baby Face, Sting, Yoon Sang
Hobbies : Playing basketball, watching movies, reading comic books
Talents : Judo, taekwondo, cooking
Favorite food : Sushi, shrimps, grilled beef, ramen, pasta
Favorite color : Blue

Name : Seong Hoon
Blood Type : Type AB
Height : 170cm
Weight : 67kg
Favorite fashion style : Hip-hop style
Favorite musicians : David Foster, Yoo Jae-ha
Hobbies : Restaurant tour, collecting coupons
Talents : Playing piano
Favorite food : Ethnic food (Thai and Indian)
Favorite music genre : Contemporary pop
Personal motto : I am beautiful, no matter what they say

This week, we featured the 4 men that defined Korean R&B Soul. They are Brown Eyed Soul. Each one of them has unique features which made them complete as a group. Na Ul, the lead vocal who formed Brown Eyes with Yoon Gun, was the one who came the concept for Brown Eyed Soul. Just as the group name indicates, their genre of choice, soul. Their resonant and sensitive voices are just perfect for expressing the spiritual aspect of soul music.

Nonetheless, their music is not 100% soul, but seasoned with a bit of pop music to appeal to the general audience. After their first album in 2003, Na ul went solo and released his own solo album, “Na-ul Back to the Soul Flight” in 2005. He rejoined the group to introduce their second album in 2007. After Na Ul went to the army in 2008, every one in the group focus on their solo activities. Jung Yup have released his own solo album too, while others remain to work behind the scenes.

Now, Brown Eyed Soul returns after two years and 5 months with a double single. The songs included in it are the title track, “I Will Move Aside” and follow up number “Blowin’ My Mind.” “I Will Move Aside” is a R&B ballad number with lyrics about telling another person about leaving a loved one’s side coolly. The song starts off with Jung Yeop, Young Jun, and Sang Hoon’s emotional vocals and ends with Naul’s passionate voice.

Brown Eyed Soul is set to release their second double single “Love Ballad/Never Forget” next week.  “Love Ballad” will garner the interests of music listeners who had continuously loved the group’s music. The four members’ vocals harmonize well and Naul’s adlibs are worth hearing. Brown Eyed Soul had also returned to fans with a new concept through the song, “Never Again.” This song will move one’s body before moving one’s heart with its refreshing groovy beats. It has the smooth soul sounds reminiscent of the 70s and 80s.


# Soul Free (1st album, 17-09-2003) : Brown eyed girl, My everything, Candy, Blue day, Go, City life, Brown city, etc.

# The Wind, The Sea, The Rain (2nd album, 31-10-2007) : My story, Dream, Anything, Sweet thing, Because of you, Life & love are the same, Nothing better, Promise you, etc.

# Brown Eyed Soul Christmas Concert Live 2007 (Live, 04-12-2008)

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# Blowin My Mind (Single, 25-03-2010)

# Love Ballad / Never Forget (Single, 11-05-2010)



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