Left to right : Kim Chang Ryul, Jung Jae Yong and Lee Ha Neul.

Lee  Haneul
DOB : May 3rd, 1971

Kim Chang Ryul
DOB : December 26th, 1973

Jung Jae Yong
DOB : July 17th, 1973

For this week, Soompi’s artist of the week is the old school hip-hop trio DJ DOC. DJ DOC is a hip-hop and rap group consisting of 3 members. The trio first debuted in 1994 with the song “The Sorrow of Superman”. All 3 members worked as DJs at clubs; the “DOC” in DJ DOC stands for “Dream of Children”, and they knew from the beginning how to thrill the audiences.

Their exciting raps, comical dance moves and witty songs captivated the hearts of music lovers. With their debut album being a huge success, the trio changed one of the members and moved to another management agency to release their 2nd album. It was then when Jung Jae Yong joined the trio. In 1995, the hip-hop rappers also saw a great response from their fans with “Murphy’s Law,” the title song of their 2nd album.

Their popularity continued to soar when they released their 3rd album in 1996. The album included the trio’s best hits like “The Beauty and the Beast,” “My Success Story,” “A Winter Story” and “She’s Got Long Eye Lashes.” However, from their 4th album, the hip-hop group started to experience some difficulties in performing in public.

As the lyrics of some songs contained vulgar and too direct expressions of criticizing the society and sexual depictions, some words had to be changed in order to be performed in public. Although there were some obstacles in pursuing their music, DJ DOC still managed to record a hit, probably their biggest, with the song “Dance With DJ DOC”, included in their 4th album.

They are one of the most prominent old skool K-Pop/hip-hop groups with past hits like “Run to You”, “Dance With DOC”, and “Summer Story”. In 2004, the hip-hop trio celebrate 10 years of their career by holding a concert on New Year’s Eve.

DJ DOC now returns after six years with its seventh album, “Appreciation”. This album marks the group’s 15th anniversary in the music industry. The title track “I’m This Kind of Person” is an electronica number with fun lyrics and is expected to capture listeners’ ears. This song along with others from this album has already ranked very high on various music charts and the album is also selling well. For this album, they featured talented producers and singers like the Brave Brothers, Tiger JK, Yang Dong Geun, Kim Jang Hoon, Lee Seung Hwan, and Ivy.


# DJ. DOC (1st album, 1994) : The Sorrow of Superman, Heart-throbbing Imagination, Yesterday

# DJ. DOC (2nd album,1995) : Murphy’s Law, Apartment, It’s a Different Story Now

# Winter Story (3rd album,1996) : A Winter Story, She’s Got Long Eye Lashes, The Beauty and the Beast

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# 4th ALBUM (1998) : Creaking and Squeaking, Dance With DOC

# The Life… Doc Blues 5% (5th album, 2000) : A Sad Love, Boogi Night

# Love & Sex & Happiness (6th album, 2004) : A Story that Ended
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# Appreciation (7th album, 2010-07-29)

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WATCH – I’m This Kind of Person

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