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Date of birth : February 28, 1977
Height : 178cm
Weight : 60kg
Debut : To heaven (1998)
Hobbies : Basketball, skiing, movies
Favorite color : Black & white


For this week, we have Jo Sung Mo, also known as the Crown Prince of Ballads in Korea. He was born in Seoul in 1977. Right after graduating high school, he was selected by an entertainment agency to be a member of a dance group named 4004 or 4Angels. However, the 4-member dance group couldn’t even make an official debut in the showbiz world. Only Jo Sung-mo among the 4 members was chosen to be trained as a solo singer. Jo Sung-mo had to work hard to transform himself from a singer who mainly did dance music into a ballad singer.

His efforts paid off and in 1998, Jo made a successful debut as a solo singer with “To Heaven”. Before releasing the album, Jo Sung-mo pursued a unique way of promoting his music. Unlike singers during that era who first revealed information about their albums and before appearing in front of the audiences, Jo Sung-mo hid himself behind the scenes of the music video of his title song in which big stars Lee Byeong-heon and Kim Ha-neul starred.

It was the so-called “mysterious concept”, whereby which the real singer of the song didn’t show up before the audience, that helped stimulate curiosity among listeners. The strategy proved to be a success and Jo finally appeared in front of the audience at an appropriate timing. Following the success of the song “To Heaven”, the song “Immortal Love” was also a great hit, putting Jo Sung-mo on the path to stardom. Until the release of his 3rd album, Jo Sung-mo enjoyed great popularity. However, the 4th album that was released after quite a long hiatus was a failure for Jo.

In 2004, Jo Sung-mo’s popularity was restored after he sang the main theme song for the television series “Lovers in Paris”. The next year, Jo released his 6th official album entitled “My First”. The song “I’m Shedding Tears” was a great hit, proving that Jo Sung-mo’s star in the kpop scene remained bright. In 2005, Jo released “Classic 1 + 1, Grand Featuring”.He was also known for his CFs and has  done many of them with famous actresses.

After being released from the army, Jo Sung Mo has been lying low. He revealed that he would be releasing a new album and the news delighted his fans, who have been waiting for him to come back. He  has also lost 25 kilograms since completing his military service. He said that this album will reflect the many changes he has been through.

Actress Kim Ha Neul features in Jo Sung Mo’s latest music video, titled “I Am Happy”. Their collaboration dates back to 1998, where she starred in his first music video from the first album titled ‘To Heaven’, when she was still relatively unknown.  


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* To Heaven (1st album, 1998) : To Heaven, Regrets, Immortal Love, Until the Last Moment, Sad Expectations, Best, Story of Two Men

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* For Your Soul (2nd album, 1999) : For Your Soul, Scar, You & I, Sweet Baby, Evergreen, Nightmare, Love Song, Rainy Dreams

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* Classic (2.5th album, 2000) : Thorn Bush, The Way, Flying in the Deep Night, 1004, Always As Now, Lost Umbrella, Although I Loved You, Train to Chuncheon, I Loved Even the Pains

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* Let Me Love (3rd album, 2000) : Do You Know, Pledge, Lette’s River, To Your Next Love, Confession, The Love Story of the Little Prince, To the Moon, My

* Love, Promise Zoy Project 1st (2001) : It Had Been You, A Special Permission, I Wish You Good Luck, Pledge

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* No More Love (4th album, 2001) : Good-bye My Love, Truth, Never, You Don’t Know, Loving You

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* Beautiful Woman (5th album, 2003) : Piano, If It Were Mine, Why

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* My first (6th album, 2005) : Mr. Flower, I’m Shedding Tears, Untold Words, A Thousand Kisses

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* Classic 1+1 Grand Featuring (Special album, 2005) : If You Come Inside My Heart, Love letter, Love Journal

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* Second Half (7th Album, 2009) : That Person, Story, Sugar, The Road to You (feat. J), My Favor Is to Treat Her Well, My Song For You, I Was Happy (trumpet feat. Lee Joo Han), Love’s History, I Was Hurt, Transistor (My Old Friend), I Love You, Sugar (Mad Soul Child Remix)

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