Date of birth: November 21, 1979
Height: 172 cm
Blood Type: O
Education: Hwimoon High School
Woosong Information College
Sangmyeong University, Acting
Kookmin University, Graduate School
Hobbies: Watching movies, internet shopping, inline skating, snowboarding
Favorite foods: Steak, sushi, sashimi
Favorite actor: Ahn Seong-Gi
Favorite musicians: Kurt Cobain, Yoo Young-Jin


Our featured artiste this week is Shinhwa member Kim Dong Wan. He is the 4th Shinhwa member to release a solo album. But this is not his first solo work. Dong Wan is already a popular actor, with roles in the TV drama “A Farewell to Sorrow” and the film “Emergency Act 19.” He is also an MC, having hosted SBS Inky Gayo before.

Dong Wan debuted in 1998 with Shinhwa and although he and his fellow-members have been pursuing solo endeavors in music and acting, the group remains intact.

Recently, Dong Wan released his solo jpop-flavored album this year, on July 5. “Kim Dong Wan Is” features collaborations with fellow Shinhwa members. The title song “Handkerchief” is a lovely ballad that is ranked in the top 3 in music charts. “Handkerchief” is written by Yoon Myung Sun, who also wrote ERU's “Black Glasses” and Magoply's “Flight Girl”. The MV of this song was shot in Busan and starred Dong Wan himself, along with Kang Sung Jin, Yoo Gun, and Lim Sung Un. Dong Wan plays a bad cop who's mean but has a warm side. Meanwhile, Dong Wan's album is also selling quite well, having ranked in the top 20 for many weeks now.

Just like his peers in Shinhwa, Dong Wan has a good start in his solo career. We can expect more solo hit songs from him from now on.


Kim Dong Wan Is (1st album, 2007) : Dongwan Is, It’s My Fault, Handkerchief, The Three Musketeers (feat. MC Mong and Ho In-Chang), Scream (feat. D.Bace, DJ Tukutz of Epik High), Love…Poor, My Love (feat. Eric), Loving Summer (feat. Andy), The One Left Alone (feat. Hye-Sung), Cannot Love You (feat. Byul), Truth, Scream (instr.)

credits: KBS World, edward1849