Our featured artist of the week is dancing queen Kim Hyun Jung, also known as the “long legged” singer. She debuted back in 1998, and she has scored many top hits over the years. Her trademark songs are the dance beat songs coupled with her strong vocals. She has recently released her 8th album, and the title song “굳세어라현정아” (Dance with Hyun Jung) made it into our top 10 last week. Let’s find out more about her:


Name: Kim Hyun Jung
Date of Birth: April 4, 1978
Height: 173cm
Weight: 45kg
Hobby: Cartoon, Piano
Specialty: Taekwondo ohmy.gif , Cooking
Achievement: 2002 SBS Gayo DaeSang BonSang Award
Debut: 1998 (1st album)


Kim Hyun-jung is well-known as the “Long-legged singer.” With the experience of performing in a heavy metal band, Kim made her debut as a female solo singer in 1998. As a child, Kim enjoyed listening to music by Janis Joplin and Alanis Morissette. However, Kim debuted as a dance music singer with “Legend.” The song “A Farewell to Her” was fast-tempo song with strong beats that shot Kim to the top quickly. The song “One-sided Love” was also a great hit.

Back in 2001, Kim Hyun Jung became the first Korean artist to release a Chinese album, remaking her earlier hits. She even adopted an English name: Amy Kim. However, the album is not considered successful and we have not seen her to go any further into the Chinese market.

Since her debut, Kim Hyun-jung has succeeded in making great songs, mostly dance numbers. Kim has a refreshing, strong image that matches the feeling of summer perfectly. Up to now, Kim has released a total of 9 albums, one each year since 1998, including a remake album “Fun Town 20” in 2005, all of which have gained massive popularity.


Legend (1st album, 1998): A Farewell to Her, One-sided Love
A Seagull of Dream (2nd album, 1999): 자유선언, 실루엣
The 3rd Eye (3rd album, 2000): 너 정말, 멍, 거짓말처럼
Wild Beauty (4th album, 2001): 떠난 너, 놔, 나에게로의 초대
Diet (5th album, 2002): 단칼
Hit for Six (6th album, 2003): 끝이라면
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Kim Hyun-jung (7th album, 2004) : Like a Virgin, Addiction, Don’t You Follow Me, 2nd Round, Men With Blood Type B, Acoustic Love, No No No
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Fun Town 20 (remake album, 2005): 아파요, Funky Town, 번뇌
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Dance With Hyun-jung (8th album, 2006) : Dance With Hyun-jung!, Imagine, Only You, The Truth and Technique, Love for 7 Years, Give It a Better Shot

credits to KBS World, Naver, Bugsmusic, and edward1849