Real name : Kang Hee-gun
Date of birth : February 24th, 1978
Physique : 174cm, 63kg
Education : Department of Security Services, Yongin University
Talents : Sports

Real name : Gill Seong-joon
Date of birth : December 24th 1977
Physique : 178cm, 78kg

This week’s featured artist is the hip hop duo LeeSsang, consisting of two member that is Gary and Gill. Their laid back style is different from other hip hop artists that have more loud and vibrant sounds.

LeeSsang started in the music industry back in 1997 by becoming guest rappers in Exteen band. In 1999, they join the hip hop crew Honey Family. They made two albums with the crew, but after a while they opted out to start their career as a duo.

They became ‘LeeSsang’ in 2002 when they released their first album. It featured many talented singers in the industry such as Park Hwayobi, Jung-in, Park Seon-joo and Bubble Sisters. They were even  invited to perform at Seotaiji ETPFest in 2002.

After being an underground artist for a while, they became mainstream after releasing their third album with their hit song “I Am Not Smiling,” which became their first No. 1 song. Their fourth album, Black Sun, was released in May 2007 with the another chart topping hit “Ballerino”. For the fifth album that was released last year, Leessang dedicated the track title “Champion” to their good friend former light flyweight boxing champion Choi Yo Sam who died due to competition injuries in December 2007.

Gill has appeared in many variety shows, adding a lot of anticipation for their new album.

Lee Ssang joined Jungle Entertainment and released their sixth album. This time, the track has one of the longest titles “Girl That Can’t Break Up, Guy that Can’t Leave.” It features Jung-In, the talented R&B female singer that has been sometimes called the third member of LeeSsang since they have collaborated together so many times.

After being released, this song become No.1 in every major online music chart in Korea, and is now the duo’s 3rd No. 1 song. Sexy diva Lee Hyori and the talented actor Ryu Seung Bum act together in the music video.

This album also features many rock groups such as YB and Lucid Fall and also movement crews like Tiger JK, Dynamic Duo and Bizzy. This collaboration add more variety towards LeeSsang music.


* Leessang (1st album, 2002-06-27) : Yes OK, Rush, Life is Beautiful, Luv…Real Story

* Leessang (2nd album, 2003-05-22) : Fly High, Spain, Slow Down, Leessang Blues, Alcohol Man

* Leessang (special album with Jungin, 2004) : Sad Song, Rush, 7477[Ma Frenz]

* Library of Soul (3rd album, 2005) : I’m Not Smiling, Urban Cycle, Clown, Never Never Say Good-bye, Outsider

* Black Sun (4th album, 2007-05-17)

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* Leessang (5th album, 2009-01-08)

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* Hexagonal (6th album,2009-10-06) : Intro [Hexagonal] feat. Enzo.B, Let’s Meet Now feat. Jang Gi Hwa and Faces, Girl That Can’t Break Up, Guy that Can’t Leave feat. Jung In, Carousel feat. Lee Juk,  Changing feat. Jung In, Broken-down Neighborhood feat. Lucid Fall, Workshop feat. Bizzy, Journey feat. Casker, Dying Freedom feat. Kim Bada, Skit – Penal Clauses, Fate feat. Malo, Canvas feat. Tiger JK, Dynamic Duo, Bizzy, Run feat. YB, To. Leessang, Skit – My Body Erased You, My Body Erased You feat. Enzo.B

* 헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자 (Girl That Can’t Break Up, Guy that Can’t Leave)   [Music Video]  [Performance]


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Source from: KBS World + Daum/Melon/YahooKR + Youtube/YesAsia + Soompi
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