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Real name : Lee Se-jin
Date of birth : November 9th, 1981
Physique : 168cm, 47kg
Education : Department of Post Modern Music, Kyunghee University
Hobby : Embroidery


From her childhood, Lyn could build her dream to become a singer through the great support of her parents. She enjoyed listening to music by numerous R&B singers in the U.K. and the U.S. and practiced hard to be able to sing like them. As a high school student, Lyn was scouted out by a music agency and released an album under her real name Lee Se-jin. However, the album failed, without even one song being broadcast on the airwaves. She had confidence in her music and vocal ability, but it was tough for Lyn to be noticed, as her voice lacked a certain color. However, Lyn considered her shortcomings as a foundation for her success, and worked even harder. Before long, she would see the fruits of her labor. Her vocal color gained more originality as she trained to sound huskier. In 2002, she released the first album under the name Lyn. The album, “Have You Ever Had a Broken Heart?”, proved to be a success. Artistes like CB Mass, Kim Jo-han, Park Keun-tae and Shin Jae-hong composed songs for Lyn’s debut album. The title song, “Have You Ever Had a Broken Heart,” a splendid R&B number, garnered great responses from listeners and put Lyn on top of the female R&B singers list. While preparing for her next album, Lyn participated in the albums of many other musicians such as Park Hyo-shin, Soul Flower and MC Mong. Lyn released her second album in March 2004. Musicians like Leessang, Kang Hyun-min and Lee Ki-chan supported Lyn on her second album.

The follow-up to spring 2006’s Misty Memories, Lyn’s new album is titled The Pride of the Morning and features 12 songs. Music lovers should be glad to know that there are many talented musicians on board. The principal track, “Trying to Get Over Separation” (Track 3), is a melancholic ballad from the chanteuse’s close friend Wheesung with a captivating melody lifted by the singer’s passionate vocals. Promising hip-hop star Crown J, who released his debut album One & Only last year, not only helped Lyn with the rap sequence on lovelyn, but also took care of the song’s lyrics and arrangement. Shinhwa member Eric also joined the list of guest musicians, and his rapping can be heard on the sixth track, “Would Like to Know”. Kang Tae Woo collaborated with Lyn for the duet “Will These Tears Ever Dry?” (Track 5). Another song to look out for is “We Used to Love Part 2” composed by Kim Sae Jin; the track is the follow-up to “We Used to Love” from Lyn’s second album, Can U See the Bright. Also featuring material from musicians like Yoon Il Sang, the hit composer of Kim Bum Soo’s “Want to Meet”, and Lee Hyon Song who earlier composed the song “Greeting” for Lyn, The Pride of the Morning comes alive with romance.

After her project album He Said She Said with Shin Hye Sung in early 2008, Lyn finally returns with her fifth album. Let Go, Let In, It’s A New Day shows her totally immersed in the making of the album as she wrote most of the album’s 10 tracks and even participated as a composer for one of them. For this album she worked with producer Lee Jae Myeong and also collaborated with MC Mong. She also did the cover version of Lee So Ra’s ‘Date’.


* Have You Ever Had a Broken Heart (1st album, 2002) : Have You Ever Had a Broken Heart, Fly High, New Day, Time, Because I Love You, First Love, Damage

* Can You See The Bright (2nd album, 2004) : Time Enough, Come 2 Me, Baby Tonight, Spring Fever, When Love Comes, Stay With Me, We Were In Love


* LYN (3rd album, 2005) : Ordinary Woman, Wedding Song, Naughty Girl, Forget Me Not, Will You Kiss Me, Sun Shine, Call Me, Party Girl

* Misty Memories (Remake album, 2006) : Farewell Trip, Good-bye For Me, I Have a Man, Foolish Smile, Just One Love, Blue Inside You


* The Pride Of The Morning (4th album, 2007) : Kissing U, Trying to Get Over Separation, Will These Tears Ever Dry?, Would Like to Know, We Used to Love Part 2,I’m sorry, lovelyn (FEAT. Crown J), For the dream  etc


* Let Go, Let In, It’s A New Day (5th album,2009) : Love Song, Love… Is All Lies, Captivating Person, Date, Mnemosyne etc

Music Video : Love… Is All Lies
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