Name : Maya (real name: Kim Young-sook)
Date of birth : Nov. 17, 1979
Height : 172
Weight : 56
Hobbies : Mountain climbing, traveling, cooking
Talent : Water skiing
Favorite food : Korean food
Favorite colors : White, black

This week we have Maya, a female singer to be featured as the artist of the week.

She is a female rock solo singer, which is rare in the industry, and what made her unique it is her voice. Her first hit “Azalea”, a rock version of an traditional hit song, was marked by her unrefined, powerful vocal befitting the genre of rock. Maya’s voice has become more sophisticated and rounded over time and in her fourth album it has blossomed into a wide array of colorful expressions.

Rounding out her sometimes overbearing shouting technique are emotionally balanced and softer, unexaggerated feminine sound. In her latest album she did not abandon her rock roots, but instead added soft pop and easy-to-listen rock to appeal to the masses, breaking down the barriers between the mainstream music fans and rock manias.

Maya has already released four albums and contributed songs for few drama OST’s. She also has released a best and remake album and live concert DVD. To those that not aware, she is an actress too and had just finished her weekend drama on SBS earlier this year.

After taking a one and a half year break to concentrate on her acting, she is back with her new digital single. She also shows off a new feminine looks unlike before. The track single “Majestic” is an up-tempo rock song which features rapping by Sang Choo of Mighty Mouth.

Hopefully this is just an introduction for her next album.

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* Born to Do It (1st album, 2003-02-27) : Never, Good Day and Good Bye, Azalea, Pandora’s Box, Wind, Byte, Dear Friends, Go Away, etc.

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* Rock Star (2nd album, 2004-05-13) : Rock Star, Wake Up, Downward, Love is Forever, Back for Love, I Love Rock & Roll, Play Me, Shadow Boxing, etc.

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* An Age of Young Girl (Remake album, 2005-06-29)

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* Road to Myself (3rd album, 2006-11-09) : Funky Music, Shouting Myself, Plant a Sun, Strong Alcohol, I Am, Road to Myself, Car Sickness, Green, etc.

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* Maya Four (4th album, 2008-04-08) : Maya Four, BC 2500, Story in Your Eyes, MaYa + Arirang, Maria, Dead or Alive, Spring of 1995, Ironic Report, etc.

* Majestic (Single, 2009-10-12)

위풍당당 (Majestic)  [Music Video]  [Performance]

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Source from : KBS World + Youtube/YesAsia + Melon/YahooKR
Thanks to : edward1849