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Name: Park Hye-kyoung
Born: October 12, 1974
Debut Year/Debut Song: 1995/Delight
Instruments: Vocals
Nick Name: Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse
Hobbies: Home decoration, Go-Carts
Official Website:

For this week, we have Park Hye Kyung for featured artist of the week.
She always bringing listener for a refreshing new sound. Her cheerful
vocals made the song more attractives. Once the lead singer of
the modern rock group The The, Park Hye Keung made her solo debut in
1999 and ever since have released 7 studio album and also appeared in
many Korean movies and drama OST such as Jenny and Juno and Wonderful

Not to be left in the current trend, she released a remake
album last year. With memorable hits from the 80s and 90s and a Korean
version of Lemon tree. The remake album have received much love from
her fans. Finally, she returns with her awaited 7th album this
year. Park Hye Kyung personally contributed to this album by choosing
the songs and adding her favorite beats and sounds.

This album also
comes with an art book that introduces Park Hye Kyung’s natural and
comfortable lifestyle as well as pictures of her cats. This album
continues to show her cheerful vocals in the stories she tells through
her songs. The biggest charms to her songs are the well-matched lyrics
that go along with the melodies. The title song is High Heels which
reflects the feelings of women. Overall, this album is filled with
songs that bring happiness to people.


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* +01 (1st Solo Album; 1999-12-23) : Spellbound, You Still Linger, Behind the Smile, Regrets, Confession, Goodbye, A Reason, Restless, Sun Flower, Deep Love

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* O2 (Second album, 2000-12-28) : A Road, The Sky, More than Friends, Wish, I Can, A Day, Please Let Me Stay, Face to Face, Three Wishes, Stars

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* Feel Me (Third album, 2002-02-20) : Outside the Morning Window, Feel Me, I Want You, It’s Alright, Why…, Rain, A Fairytale, Red Sneakers, I Lost My Ring…, Once Again, Denial, Say Goodbye, Losing, The End of the Desert Sky, Dear Diary

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* Seraphim (Fourth album, 2003-06-17) : Friends, A Year, December 7th, I’m All Alone, Just Me, Love Comes with the Rain, Annyoung, The Sky Above an Oasis, The Song of an Angel, Small Talk, Love Is, Fortuneteller, A Bird, Butterflies, Seraphim A Pretty House – For the War Victims

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* Park Hye Kyung Best In Live Festival (2004-03-18)

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* Correspondence (Fifth album, 2005-01-11)

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* Smile (First Single Album, 2006-01-05)

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* Yesterday (Sixth album, 2006-03-23)

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* Married (Single, 2006-07-14)

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* Irregular (Single, 2006-11-01)

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* Unstoppable Marriage (OST, 2007-04-27)

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* Rose (Single, 2007-05-17)

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* When A Woman Is In Love (Special Remake Album; 2008-03-03)

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* When A Woman Is In Love – Lemon Tree (Repackage Album, 2008-05-02)

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* When A Woman Is In Love + A Lover’s Concerto (Remake Album, 2008-08-07)

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* Am I Not Attractive?” (Single, 2009-03-24)

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* My Favorite (Seventh album, 2009-08-11) : High Heels, Bring It On, On The Way Home, Bad Love, Happiness Has Been Delivered, Happy Girl, Lucky Boy, Should I Date?, Day Of Proposal, Everything Will Be Okay (A Better Day), Fly High, Sparkling Sadly

하이힐 (High Heels)  [Music Video]  [Performance]


Source: KBS World + Youtube/YesAsia + Soompi + Melon/YahooKR
Thanks to: edward1849