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Name : Park Ji-yun
Date of birth : Jan. 3, 1982
Height: 172cm
Weight : 45kg
Blood type : Type O
Hobbies : Drawing cartoons, listening to music, collecting stickers
Talents : Swimming, taekwondo, playing violin
Nicknames : Donald Duck, Blue Angel
Ideal man : Someone who is intelligent and comfortable to be around.
Favorite foods : Cake, chicken, ice cream
Most attractive feature : Nose
Close celebrity friend : Ok Joo-hyun, S.E.S.
Published a photo essay titled “Park Ji-yun’s Secret Garden” in October 2007


Singer/actress Park Ji-yun first debuted when she was just a middle school student. She was only 16 years old when she officially made her debut as a singer in 1997. Her albums clearly demonstrate how Park has evolved from a young, innocent girl to a sexy and mature woman. As a matter of fact, she had undergone a surprise transformation every time a new album was released. Her fourth album, produced by Park Jin-young, stunned everyone and wiped off all the traces of girlishness as she turned into a stunning woman.

Not satisfied with her singing career, she ventured into acting in 1997 in a sitcom “Three Men, Three Ladies” on MBC. She was also in last year’s SBS drama “Bicheonmu”, playing the female lead Seolli.

Park Ji Yoon transforms from a hot, sexy star to a tranquil artiste with her new album, Flower, First Time Again. It’s been six years since her last album, something fans have been long waiting for. There are two title tracks in the album: “Between Spring and Summer” and “In a Faded Memory”. The first track was composed and written by Park Ji Yoon herself and seems to be preferred by female listeners. The later track was composed and penned by Dear Cloud’s Yong Rin, which is thought to be more enjoyable for the male listeners.

“Between Spring and Summer” is about the regret a person feels as she erases her love while she watches the light, shadows, and raindrops. “In a Faded Memory”, on the other hand, is about the sadness one feels as the memories, even the bad ones, feel like nothing as time passes. No longer a bubbly teenage girl, Park Ji Yoon made a 180-degree change to her music style, singing acoustic and jazz ballads now. Back in the days she never had a chance to showcase her vocal talent. Many doubted whether she could make it through this transformation. After a few live performances and also solid album sales, she has silenced all her critics.

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* Sky Blue Dream (1st album, 1998) : Sky Blue Dream, Emotion, Baby Baby Baby, Nostalgia, Sad Goodbye, etc.

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* Blue Angel (2nd album, 1998) : Sad Rain in My Eyes, My Man, Steal Away, Last Night, Precious Love, Dangerous Love, Angel, etc.

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* Park Ji-yun (3rd album, 1999-08) : I Don’t Know Anything, Love Signal, Go Away, Broken, Blue Moon, I May Cry, Blessing, etc.

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* Coming of Age (4th album, 2000-08) : Song of Moonlight, Coming of Age, Illusion, Play, Honey, Before Love Begins, You and Love, etc.

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* Man (5th album, 2002-01-11) : I Am a Man, Swan, Please Come, With Eyes Shut, Love Has Returned, I’ve Fallen in Love, Nastified, Empty Place, etc.

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* Woo~ Twenty One (6th album, 2003-02-27) : This Is Me, Do You Know How?, DJ, What Am I To Do, Beginning, Reunion, Gypsy Woman, Confession, etc.

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* Flower, First Time Again (7th album, 2009-04-03) : Hello, Between Spring and Summer, In a Faded Memory, April 16th, He’s Like a Flower, Sleep Talking, Spring Snow, You Just Need to Come Back, It’s Okay

WATCH IT : 바래진 기억에 (In A Faded Memory) [Music Video] [Performance]

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